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Company Meeting

This is the last reminder and or invite to our annual Company meeting tomorrow. I hope to see all our members there! If you are interested in joining our group or on the fence about joining; please feel free to attend as our guest! Our Cpl. Creswell is making a shit ton of Maryland crab cakes! Its defiantly Maryland through and through tomorrow! There will be a lot of info getting released! See you there!

Details and directions via link below


Lt. McHenry Howard

Lt. McHenry Howard below. Image on left is fatigue uniform from his service with the prewar 53rd Maryland Militia. Image on right is Howard as Lieutenant in Co. H 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment. Lt. Howard eventually became member on Gen. George H. Steuart’s staff.

Maryland Underground Army

Did you know Maryland State Delegate Severn Teackle Wallis planned an underground army within Maryland called “The Maryland League”?. #maryland #baltimore #civilwar #history #confederate #cdv

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