Company Meeting

This is the last reminder and or invite to our annual Company meeting tomorrow. I hope to see all our members there! If you are interested in joining our group or on the fence about joining; please feel free to attend as our guest! Our Cpl. Creswell is making a shit ton of Maryland crab cakes! Its defiantly Maryland through and through tomorrow! There will be a lot of info getting released! See you there!

Details and directions via link below


Lt. McHenry Howard

Lt. McHenry Howard below. Image on left is fatigue uniform from his service with the prewar 53rd Maryland Militia. Image on right is Howard as Lieutenant in Co. H 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment. Lt. Howard eventually became member on Gen. George H. Steuart’s staff.

Maryland Underground Army

Did you know Maryland State Delegate Severn Teackle Wallis planned an underground army within Maryland called “The Maryland League”?. #maryland #baltimore #civilwar #history #confederate #cdv


Many of you have seen this lithograph of Capt. William Murray pre war serving as commander of Company D 53rd Maryland Militia (Maryland Guard Battalion ). What you prob didn’t realize is who the man standing next to William Murray is. The man to the right is Clapham Murray, William’s Brother. Both men would go on to serve in both 1st Maryland Infantry and later in Co. A 2nd Maryland Infantry.

Company D

Captain William Murray and two soldier from Company D.  Captain Murray was the commander of Company D, 53rd Maryland.  17352413_770693389760554_30_med_hr


Here are two rare images of members from the 53rd Maryland. The one image shows soldier with brass “D” on kepi. Company D 53rd Infantry “Maryland Guard”was commanded by Capt. William Murray. The other image shows soldier with a 1842 musket.


The 1st Sgt is Daniel Bowly Thompson. The date penciled on reverse of CDV is April 26, 1861 (only a few days after the Baltimore Riot). The woman is Achsah Carrrol WinN. MS Winn was one of “the Monument Street girls” who in July 1861 helped put “Maryland, My Maryland” to the tune of the ” Lauriger Horatius” (the German “Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum”) and have it printed by by publishers Miller and Beacham in Baltimore. This song that became Maryland’s State Song was first known as “the Marseillaise of the South” because of its verses sympathetic to The Southern Cause of The Confederacy. She is shown standing in the photograph with her future husband Daniel Bowly Thompson.18920509_10211805171679032__med_hr.jpg

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